Charles Oliveira Analyzes Arman Tsarukyan's Skill Set and Downplays Threat to Islam Makhachev's Dominance

Charles Oliveira, the reigning UFC lightweight champion, recently assessed the potential threat posed by Arman Tsarukyan to Islam Makhachev's supremacy in the division.  

Oliveira's analysis, rooted in his own experience as a high-level fighter, suggests that Tsarukyan lacks certain elements necessary to pose a significant challenge to Makhachev.

Oliveira highlights Tsarukyan's strengths and weaknesses, pointing out areas where Makhachev holds a clear advantage.

Despite Tsarukyan's impressive record and skill set, Oliveira believes that Makhachev's superior grappling, striking, or overall game plan will ultimately prevail.  

This assessment comes amidst growing speculation about potential matchups in the lightweight division, with fans and analysts eagerly anticipating clashes between the top contenders.  

Oliveira's insights offer valuable perspective on the intricacies of MMA competition and the strategic considerations that shape elite-level matchups.