Charles Oliveira Dismisses Arman Tsarukyan's Threat to Islam Makhachev Due to Style Mismatch

In an exclusive interview, Charles Oliveira, the reigning UFC lightweight champion,  

expressed his belief that Arman Tsarukyan's fighting style doesn't pose a significant threat to Islam Makhachev's dominance in the division.  

Oliveira pointed out that while Tsarukyan possesses formidable skills, his approach lacks the tactical intricacies that could trouble Makhachev.  

Oliveira highlighted Makhachev's exceptional grappling prowess and adaptability inside the octagon,

suggesting that Tsarukyan's aggressive style might play into Makhachev's strengths.  

As someone who has faced both Tsarukyan and Makhachev in the past, Oliveira's insights carry weight within the MMA community.