Tupac Shakur's black BMW, the one he was shot in, to be auctioned for $1.75 mn in Las Vegas

The black BMW 750iL in which Tupac Shakur was fatally shot in 1996 is set to be auctioned in Las Vegas for $1.75 million.  

This car has become a significant piece of hip-hop history, marking the tragic event that led to the rapper's untimely death.  

The auction will take place at the renowned Celebrity Cars Las Vegas showroom.

After the shooting, the vehicle underwent extensive restoration, erasing all visible signs of the violence that occurred.  

Despite its grim past, the BMW remains a sought-after collector's item, reflecting both Tupac's enduring legacy and the cultural impact of his music and life.  

The auction provides a rare opportunity for fans and collectors to own a tangible piece of music history, highlighting the continued fascination with Tupac's life and the mysteries surrounding his death.